“A beginning is the time for taking the most delicate care that the balances are correct.”

– Frank Herbert, Dune

Jason and I are writing this blog to chronicle our mistakes and successes as we start our journey towards a more sustainable lifestyle. As newlyweds, we want to spend time connecting to the world around us and pull ourselves away a bit from the electronic world. (To be fair, I write this as I’m sitting front of a computer and my husband is sitting next to me, grinding out gear in World of Warcraft) We want to spend time together doing something productive and worthwhile knowing it will strengthen our relationship along the way.

Feeding and providing healthy sustainable food for the ones we love is important to us. To do this we are going to try our hand a permaculture practices and using land appropriately. Through this, we’ll gain a sense of permanence. We know that the up front effort is considerable but after that, the returns will be perpetual.

Hopefully, our follies and victories will help inspire people to give self-sustainability a shot!

–Marisa & Jason



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